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Founded in 1997 by Taylor Deupree, based in State New York. One of the most important ambient labels around, the catalogue includes albums by Simon Scott, Marcus Fischer, Janek Schaefer, Stephan Mathieu, Giuseppe Ielasi and many others.

"12k presents "Every Action," the 3rd full-length release from the UK's Motion (Chris Coode) and the follow-up to 2002's critically acclaimed "Dust" (12k1019). In addition to his work with 12k (Dust, as well as a collaboration with Doron Sadja on 12k's recent Two Point ...
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12K1027 | 12K

"a five movement CD exploring the subtle fluctuations in tone and amplitude created by the combination of sinewaves nearly identical in pitch. Utilizing a 144 note per octave scale, A Piece Of String, A Sunset is made up of chords containing notes 1/12 a semitone apart, ...
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12K1023 | 12K