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Fonal from Tampere is our favourite label for experimental/weird/et al music from Finland. The catalogue includes releases by Lau Nau, Olimpia Splendid, Kemialliset Ystävät, Shogun Kunitoki, Es, Kiila, Jarse and many more - and, actually, also some fine non-Finish releases, by Ignaz, Goodiepal or Pretty Lightning.

"After recovering from a long illness I started searching through the shores and woods. I finally managed to locate mr. Anderzén in the middle of an arctic desert. He sat there cross legged, eyes closed, calm as if on top of a mountain or in the bottom of the sea. No ...
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"Islaja's second album was born in two different places that have been sewed up one to another with the binds of words and a rich sound world. Here and there, Islaja's friends have lent their voices for this world. Loose guitar paths, long strokes of wind instruments, ...
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