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a-musik new arrivals

click on the photo to see the list with the latest arrivals at the a-musik store and mailorder. the list with all the new entries will be updated on a regular, i.e. at least daily basis.

a-Musik staff picks august 2017

Amos & Sara, Invite to Endless Latino LP (War Extension)
The Fall, New Facts Emerge 2x10“/CD (Cherry Red)
Annea Lockwood, Tiger Balm LP (Black Truffle Records)
Luke & Wendy, Tony Conrad I / Tony Conrad II 7“ (Meeuw Muzak)
Mekine U Teksi, Postanatolische Hybride: Die Steppenroboter LP (Themes For Great Cities)
Maria Monti, Il Bestiario LP (Holidays Records)
Yoko Ono, Fly 2LP (Secretly Canadian)
Jens Pauly, r/f CD-R (Karlrecords)
Telaio Magnetico, Live 75 (Expanded Version) LP (Black Sweat Records)
Jacques Thollot, Intra Musique LP (Alga Marghen)

a-Musik staff picks july 2017

Bellows, Strand LP (Shelter Press)
F.S.K., Ein Haufen Scheiss und ein zertrümmertes Klavier LP (Martin Hossbach)
Praed, Fabrication of Silver Dreams LP (Discrepant)
Konrad Sprenger, Stack Music LP (Pan)
Terry Fox, 552 Strings Through 11 Pairs of Strings 2LP (Edition Telemark)
JH1.FS3, Loyalty LP (iDEAL Recordings)
Anthony Moore & Therapeutische Hörgruppe Köln, Ore Talks 2LP (KHM)
Raymond Scott, Three Willow Park 3LP/2CD (Basta)
Sound of Yell, Light the Currents 10" (Infinite Greyscale)
That Night, Magnitisdat K7 (Noorden)

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a-Musik staff picks june 2017

Siavash Amini, Tar LP (Hallow Ground)
Henry Andersen, ‚Stanzas’ or ‚The Law of the Good Neighbor’ LP (Kraak)
Harry Bertoia, Clear Sounds/Perfetta LP (Sonambient)
Carlos Casas, Pyramid of Skulls 2LP (Discrepant)
Tony Conrad, Ten Years 2LP/2CD (Superior Viaduct)
Le Fruit Vert, Paon Perdu LP (Three:Four Records)
Non, S/t 12“ (Tal)
O Yuki Conjugate, Tropic LP/CD (Auf Abwegen)
Terry Riley, Persian Surgery Dervishes 2LP (Aguirre)
Ernstalbrecht Stiebler, Kanon/Torsi LP (Edition Telemark)

a-Musik staff picks may 2017

Peter Behrendsen, Nachtflug/Atem des Windes LP (Edition Telemark)
Alice Coltrane, The Ecstatic Music of Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda 2LP/CD (Luaka Bop)
Ragnar Grippe, Sand LP (Dais)
Jlin, Black Origami 2LP/CD (Planet Mu)
The Knob, The Finger & The It, Astro Camping LP (Makiphon)
Move D / Thomas Meinecke, On The Map 2LP (Ominira)
Muellie Mess and The Happy Birds, Crossing the Red Sea with Muellie Mess and The Happy Birds EP 12“ (Atelier Records)
ToiToiToi, Im Hag LP/CD (Ghost Box)
Mika Vainio, Reat LP (Elektro Music Department)
Jaap Vink, S/t 2LP (Recollection GRM)

a-Musik staff picks april 2017

Federico Durand, La Nina Junco LP (12k)
Gas, Narkopop 3LP/CD (Kompakt)
Ken Ikeda + David Toop, Skin Tones CD (Home Normal)
Ju Suk Reet Meate, Solo 1975-1980 LP (Alga Marghen)    
Joao Lobo, Nowruz LP/CD (Three:Four Records) 
Charlemagne Palestine, Strumming Music LP (Aguirre)
Selffish, He She Them Us LP/CD (Serein)
Strotter Inst., Miszellen 2LP (Hallow Ground)
Midori Takada, Through The Looking Glass LP/CD (We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want To)
V.A., Magnetband. Experimenteller Elektronik-Underground DDR 1984-1989 LP/CD (Bureau B)

a-Musik staff picks march 2017

Bülent Arel, Electronic Music 1960-1973 LP/CD (Sub Rosa)
Mike Cooper, Reluctant Swimmer / Virtual Surfer LP (Discrepant)
Will Guthrie, People Pleaser LP (Black Truffle Records)
Kangding Ray, Hyper Opal Mantis 3LP/CD (Stroboscopic Artifacts)
Swantje Lichtenstein & Jono Podmore, Miss Slipper/Lewes 7“ (Psychomat)
Lieven Martens Moana, Idylls LP/CD (Pacific City Sound Vision/Edicoes CN)
Aine O’Dwyer, Locusts Lp (Penultimate Press)
Pekala | Kordylasinska | Pekala, Werke für Schlagzeug und Elektroakustische Geräte LP (Gagarin)
Sleaford Mods, English Tapas LP/CD (Rough Trade)
Barney Wilen, Moshi 2LP & DVD (Souffle Continu Records)