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click on the photo to see the list with the latest arrivals at the a-musik store and mailorder. the list with all the new entries will be updated on a regular, i.e. at least daily basis.

a-musik staff picks june 2016

"A" Trio & Alan Bishop, Burj Al Imam LP (Unrock)
Christian Fennesz & Jim O’Rourke, It’s Hard For Me To Say I’m Sorry LP/CD (Editions Mego)
Charbel Haber, Of Palm Trees and Decomposition LP (Discrepant)
Hey-O-Hansen, Sno Dub LP (Hey Rec)
Antonio d. Luca, Musik Wozu LP (Hauch Records)
Michael Moser, Antiphon Stein 2LP (Edition RZ)
Teresa Rampazzi, Immagini per Diana Baylon LP (Die Schachtel)
Rainer Riehn, Chants de Maldoror 2LP (Edition Telemark)
Mika Vainio, Mannerlaatta CD (iDEAL Recordings)
Max Würden, Transit CD (Binemusic)

a-musik staff picks may 2016

Benoit and the Mandelbrots, S/t 2LP (Syff)
Black Sun Productions, Dies Juvenalis LP (Hallow Ground)
Johanna Biling, Pulheim Jam Session LP (Apparent Extent)
J.D.Emmanuel, Electronic Minimal Music 3LP (Black Sweat)
Vivien Goldman, Resolutionary (Songs 1979-1982) LP/CD (Staubgold)
High Wolf / The Durian Brothers, High Wolf vs. The Durian Brothers 12" (Diskant)
La Tène: Vouerca/Fahy LP (Three:Four Records)
Lucifer, Black Mass LP (Black Mass Rising)
M.Ostermeier, Tiny Birds CD (Home Normal)
Red Stars Over Tokyo, Deconstructing Happiness LP (Testtoon)

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a-musik staff picks april 2016

Chris Abrahams, Fluid to the Influence LP/CD (Room40)
Karel Appel, Musique Barbare LP/CD (Sub Rosa)
Henning Christiansen, Requiem of Art Fluxorum Organum II Opus 50 LP (Penultimate Press)
Peter Cusack, After Being in Holland for Two Years LP (Blume)
Tony Conrad with Faust, Outside the Dream Syndicate LP/CD (Superior Viaduct)
John Duncan, Bitter Earth LP (iDEAL RECORDINGS)
Michaela Melian, Electric Ladyland Book/LP/CD (Lenbachhaus)
Danny Oxenberg & Bear Galvin (Pillow Mt. Conspiracy), Late Superimpositions LP (Three:Four Records)
Razen, Endrhymes LP (K-raa-k)
Ytamo, MI WO CD (Someone Good)

a-musik staff picks march 2016

Masami Akita & Eike Ishibashi, Kouen Kyoudai LP (Editions Mego)
Fatima Al Qadiri, Brute LP/CD (Hyperdub)
Bruckner, Happy End LP (Moozak)
Cavern of Anti-Matter, Void Beats/Invocation Trex 3LP/CD (Duophonic)
Chris Corsano & Pak Yan Lau, Asbestos and Little Rain LP (Les Albums Claus)
From Scratch, Five Rhythm Works LP/CD (EM Records)
The Cray Twins, The Pier CD (Fang Bomb)
Nest, Retold CD (2016 special edition) (Serein)
Harry Partch, A Portrait LP (New World Records)
Steve Reich, Four Organs/Phase Patterns LP (Aguirre)

a-musik staff picks february 2016

AMM, Ammmusic LP (Black Truffle Records)
Sir Richard Bishop / Ava Mendoza, Ivory Tower (Hanuman) LP (Unrock)
Mike Cooper, New Kiribati LP (Discrepant)
Dionysian, S/t LP (iDEAL Recordings)
Driftmachine, Eis Heauton LP (Hallow Ground)
Finis Africae, Amazonia LP/CD (EM Records)
Gagarin Kombinaatti, 83-85 2x12" (Puu)
Gelbart, Preemptive Musical Offerings to Satisfy our Future Masters LP (Gagarin)
Phillip Schulze, Ambassador Duos 2LP (Apparent Extent)
This Heat, S/t LP (Modern Classics)

a-musik staff picks january 2016

Arca, Mutant 2LP/CD (Mute)
Anton Bruhin, Vogelsang/Vogelsong/Vogelsung/Vögelsäng 4CD (Alga Marghen)
FM Einheit/Irmler, Bestandteil LP/CD (Klangbad)
Gabriele Emde, Die Natur der Klänge. Neue Musik für Harfe CD (Edition RZ)
Richard Hamilton & Dieter Roth & Luis Chispas, Canciones de Cadaques 2x7" (Primary Information)
Johann Johannsson with Hildur Gudnadottir & Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, End of Summer LP/CD&DVD (Sonic Pieces)
Konstrukt and Peter Brötzmann, The Message: Live at Kargart 2LP (Holidays Records)
Ross Manning, Interlacing LP (Room40)
Musette, A Cosmic Serenade LP (Häpna)
Guy Reibel, Douze Inventions En Six Modes De Jeu LP (Karlrecords)