"Montreal musician Aidan Girt returns with a peek at his upcoming full-length on his new "Klootzak Keizer" EP. Drawing on themes and motifs from his previous work, Girt is really beginning to define his sound here. On side one, we are introduced to the 1-Speed Bike aesthetic - an in-your-face barrage of anger and wit, bass and distortion. The second track "Eight Months Stuck in a Shipping Container with 12 Jehovah's Witnesses" introduces the Listener to a more pronounced live dub sound prevalent on his next record. Similar to his work with Constellation Records' Exhaust, Girt lays down a deep space echo groove with a ska-driven bassline ricocheting across the room. Ska makes its presence felt on side two, as well. On "Will Death Stop Lenny Kravitz's Ego?" clipped samples are juxtaposed with live drumming and disco horns to create an up-tempo ska bounce perfect for the dancefloor. Girt closes out the 12" with "Easy E White House Dinner Problem" a song reflective of the Broklyn Beats sound: broken, lopsided beats with a wallop of a kick and a pinch of breakcore edge! While not along the lines of Girt's other work as drummer for Godspeed! You Black Emperor and Exhaust, his 1-Speed Bike material has grown into its own unique sound. Incorporating his punk past with noise and production elements from his group work and a love of new punky breakcore sounds, "Klootzak Keizer" bounces with a dancefloor-driven experimental edge all its own." (label info)
in stock | US| 2005| BROKLYN BEATS | 7.90

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