"Montreal's Aidan Girt returns to grace our Redux series, EPs of previous remastered reissues paired with newer tracks. On side one, we've placed his 2002 (sic) 7" single tracks, early dubstep and breakcore experiments Girt was working on. Remastering brings Girt's full dub experiments into the spotlight on "a Pretzel on a Stealth Mission to Kill the President." On "Punk Not Dead Cave Good and Strong", Mr. Bike drops his first real stab at breakcore, using his distinctive live snare samples alongside found sounds and punk loops. Since that release 4 years, ago, Girt has moved on to record 2 albums for Broklyn Beats, as well additional drum work on the last LPs of his other groups, Godspeed! You Black Emperor and Exhaust. The 2 tracks on the B-Side "From the Time You're Born, They Make You Feel So Small" and "Cats Don't Judge, People Do" are both from his new CD "Somebody Told Me Life gets Easier in Your 50". "From the Time..." is a dirge of epic proportions along the lines of Girt's work in Godspeed! only done his way; all drums grinding alongside noise and feedback. "Cats Don't Judge..." is an updated electro stepper with a tasty fuzzy bassline, one of the finest 1-Speed Bike tracks yet." (label info)
in stock | US| 2006| BROKLYN BEATS | 7.90

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