Second full length from the Belgian duo known as 40 Winks. They've been making and releasing music for over 4 years and have previously released on several underground Japanese labels, as well as a few in Europe, and we are proud to say this will be their first appearance on a U.S. label, Merck Records. Sound Puzzle is a smooth storybook-like collection focused on the aesthetics of raw jazzy hip-hop and the complex layering and arrangements of samples from a variety of sources. Twenty tracks long, and 55 minutes in length, this collection of beats and instrumentals was composed and polished in 2006 with a strong influence of early '90s hip-hop production and excessive crate digging. Merck DJs should feel right at home mixing this in with some Aphilas or Malcom Kipe. (label info)
in stock | 2006| MERCK | 7.90

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