Boggs Volume 2 is a collection of two long out of print CDR's from Wolf Eyes member, Aaron Dilloway. This new release contains, in their original entirety, the "Seizure" CDR released by Hanson and the "Appalling & Alive" 3" CDR released by Chondritic Sound. "These transparent audio diaries have been originally released in different forms. Who cares? Count your fingers instead. In life you have two choices: Stop and Be Rad or Stop Being Rad. Aaron "Night Fighter" Dills been doing his own thing since shorts were baggy & Stephen King was the master musician of horror. Be happy you have two rare boys in one bomb package. Spend the rest of your heart-blood pumping time searching for the third Los Tammies wax while getting to the bottom of Boggs Vol. 2 human tape message time eating symphonies. A one-man stereo Desert Barn Stormer. The only & best "people person" of horrible noise. I should know, I have been in nearly every possible good & bad situation with him from rock fights, underage beer blowouts, and 13 years in basements. A mangy man of many talents, hear the one in your claw-fist then check out our funk band Stupid Goose. You can wave at the UPS guy but he is still gonna deliver a box of razor babies to you. Local hip hop? Will take Rock Bottom over Slum Village any day of the week, he's' just .. I dunno ... harder...." (John Olson)
in stock | US| 2004| vg+/m-| HANSON RECORDS | 8.00

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