"During the recording of CALEXICO's Spoke album in 1996 at their homes in Tucson, Arizona, JOEY BURNS and JOHN CONVERTINO were introduced to two French musicians, NAIM AMOR and THOMAS BELHOM through a mutual friend, French filmmaker MARIANNE DISSARD, who directed the GIANT SAND documentary Drunken Bees. At that time, the four musicians hit it off and began the first of many recording sessions that eventually would lead to the making of Tête à Tête. In 1997, Naïm and Thomas moved to Tucson and began playing regularly in town as AMOR BELHOM DUO, often sharing bills with John and Joey. This soon led to more recording sessions, an extension of the two duos' improvising and collaborating on stage. The majority of the Tête à Tête recordings were done at the homes of Burns/Convertino, live on 2, 4 and 8 track. The remainder of the album was recorded at Waterworks Studio in Tucson by Jim Waters. Due to Calexico's busy tour schedule after the release of The Black Light, the making of Tête à Tête spans over a 15 month period. Beside the two duos, the album features German musician, MARTIN WENK, who played in Calexico's European touring ensemble and Marianne Dissard on vocals." (label info)
in stock | US| 2001| WABANA | 9.90

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