"'pretend' engages the listener on various levels, carefully and deliberately unfolding over the course of thirty-five minutes. with a strong focus on composition, each piece stands out, yet retains its own identity within the context of a larger whole. upon closer inspection, minute gestures and single events become apparent. subtle details mark each moment of the album, which slowly reveals itself over multiple listens. taking an aural step back presents the listener with a different perspective; the individual tracks come into focus, while contrasts and larger movements within the album become apparent. with sounds ranging from microtonal clicks and pops to warm organic tones and waves, the juxtaposition and transformation of certain musical elements cause the listener to focus on the individual sounds themselves. playing with ideas of how space and sound interact with the listener, the album directly engages and confronts the audience at certain moments, the physicality of the music forcing one to be aware of themselves as listeners in their own personal environment."
in stock | NL| 2003| APESTAARTJE | 13.90

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