"A guitarist impregnated with the sonic twists and turns of the drone universe, a member of ARC and also a poet, among others, AIDAN BAKER nurtures a very particular and personal style when experimenting with his instrument. From one album to another, and he has released many on different labels around the world, AIDAN BAKER has relentlessly been polishing exploratory sonic fabrics of a majestic beauty, always halfway between ether and psychedelia, with the obscure and indefinable touch that makes his music ideal for introspection and contemplation. Aidan Baker' natural ease and tendency to deconstruct and reinvent the guitar's syllabus shows very well on AN INTRICATE COURSE OF DECEPTION.Long shadowy and droney passages go side by side with tripped-out smooth lo fi experiments which evoke, reinterpret, and take to a different level the sounds heard in the ethereal, experimental and ambient field of recent years." (label info) oversized sleeve, limited to 300 copies
in stock | US| 2004| ANGLE.REC | 14.90

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