"Long-time coming limited vinyl reissue of the all-time greatest release to come out of the Los Angeles Free Music Society: Airway's form-trouncing 1978 album Live At Lace. Airway were one of the more feral and less quizzical or self-consciously brainy units to tie their beards to the LAFMS freak flag and their sound is somewhere between the Yoko Ono/Joe Jones orchestra, early Hijokaidan's microphone guzzling routine and the kinda electro-acoustic bloodbath of Beaver Harris/Rudolph Grey/Arthur Doyle-era Blue Humans. Vetza's vocals seem drawn from the furthest reaches of her body while Dennis Duck's saxophone eats up any notion of register with machine-gunning tongue/teeth interaction. Rick Potts' mandolin occasionally threatens to push the whole thing back towards some kind of caveman jug band stomp while Juan Gomez's bass and guitar, Tom Recchion's drums, Chip Chapman's circuits and Joe Potts' circuits and tapes generate concentric rings of hallucinatory electricity. A key free/noise/garage/avant recording and pretty much the cornerstone of everything you ever came to care about in your record collection. Fuck Never Mind The Bollocks: this is the sound of year zero. This suave edition is an exact repro of the rare Japanese export-only sub-edition and comes complete with full-colour punk paste-on front and back sleeves, a bunch of posters that reproduce a raft of cool Airway and LAFMS-related events and an enlarged insert." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2009| HARBINGER SOUND | 17.90

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