"Guitarist and composer Frantz Casséus (1915-1993) was born in Port-au-Prince in Haiti. He moved to America in 1946 where he gave many recitals of the Western classical guitar repertoire in (a.o.) Carnegie Hall and Town Hall. Living in New York gave him a different perspective on the music from his home land Haiti and from a feeling of nostalgia Casséus composed an impressive body of work for the classical guitar that has an unmistakable Haitian flavour. It is precisely this aspect of the music that makes it so enchanting and original. In the late 1960's a young and aspiring guitarist from Newark, New Jersey, by the name of Marc Ribot started taking regular Sunday guitar lessons with Mr. Casséus which would eventually lead him to his own path in music. In recent years Ribot retrieved an old sketchbook ('N99') by Casséus that contained eighteen new and unpublished pieces. These were prepared for recording by guitarist Alberto Mesirca from Venice, Italy, in close collaboration with Mr. Ribot." (label info)
in stock | NL| 2011| BASTA | 18.90

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