"xerrox is the new, self-contained project of alva noto, which like his transall-series (transrapid, transvision und transspray; raster- noton 61-63, 2002-2004) is intended to be released in five parts during the next years. on xerrox, alva noto works with samples from muzak, advertising, soundtracks and entertainment programs. these sounds we hear randomly in everyday life and thereby they become an always present and available public domain. with xerrox alva noto manipulates these recognizable melodic (micro) structures by the process of copying. he alienates them beyond recognition so the results manifest their connection to the original only suggestively. in this respect: the original is copied to the original. alva noto used several samples from these sources: narita airport tokyo, in-flight program air france, telephone wait-loop lufthansa, hotel apollo paris, suizanso hotel yamaguchi, seven-eleven tokyo, forma london, reaktor." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2006| RASTER-NOTON | 14.90

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