"Decibel performs compositions by Alvin Lucier : 'Ever Present'; 'Carbon Copies'; 'Hands'; 'Shelter'. Cat Hope (flute, alto flute, organ); Lindsay Vickery (saxophone, organ, MaxMSP programming); Stuart James (piano, organ); Malcolm Riddoch (electronic playback, MaxMSP performance, organ). Pogus is absolutely delighted to offer this new release featuring Australian new music ensemble Decibel performing four works by Alvin Lucier, three of which are previously unrecorded. 'Ever Present' (2002), the only work offered here that has been recorded before is for flute, saxophone, and piano with slow sweep pure wave oscillator and is considered by many to be Lucier's most musical work. 'Carbon Copies' (1989) is for saxophone, piano, flute and playback; the work investigates musicians imitating their environments. 'Hands' (1994) is for organ with four players. The performers use their hands to subtly alter the harmonics produced from the pipes of an organ. 'Shelter' (1967) is for vibration pickups, amplification system and enclosed space and finds Lucier offering the sounds of outside a performance space. All these works as always are amazing examples of Alvin Lucier's fertile mind and exploring, experimental sensibility." (label info) CD comes in card type stock paper, folded, inserted into re-sealable plastic sleeves.
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2013| POGUS | 14.90

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