"a first vinyl edition fully remixed for wax from the cd masters that first appeared on a ltd cdr from deserted village in 2006. plaintive semi abstract vocals strain and wind over ecclesiastical notes held so long that your head becomes the organist's domain. Rarely have vocal harmonies been this ethereal or perfectly held. Not the glottal gymnastics of Joan La Barbara but rather the complementary visions of two unique artists in absolute accord. Much of side B feels more improvised but throughout the whole there is an economy of note, a tension of control and an element of perfection to the detail of performance. Housed in an ultra heavy card sleeve with cover art by Paul Santoleri and labels by Helena Espvall." (label info) Limited to 400 copies. Anahita are Helena Espvall and Tara Burke.
in stock | UK| 2010| ALT.VINYL | 17.90

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