COLEMAN, ANTHONY - Shmutsige Magnaten: Coleman Plays Geburtig (CD)

"Master of madness, wandering poet, dysfunctional genius Anthony Coleman in a magical evening of songs by acclaimed Yiddish composer Mordechai Gebirtig, whose haunting lyrics and melodies became some of the most beloved and popular songs of their time. He was not to survive the Holocaust. Recorded live at midnight in the oldest synagogue of Kracow, Poland, a few steps away from Gebirtig's birthplace, Anthony's masterful readings capture all the awe and mystery of this legendary giant of Jewish Culture. Drawing parallels to the work of Kafka, Bruno Schultz and other Jewish figures of the time this is music at times poignant, at times frightening." Coleman: piano, voice. (LABEL INFO)
in stock | US| 2005| TZADIK | 17.90

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