"Coagulate is the debut release from electroacoustic improvisation duo Anthony Pateras & Robin Fox. Utilising a diverse array of approaches and forms, this album presents incredible real-time mutations of acoustic and electronic resources fused by a chaotic and physical improvisational language. From discarded piano frames to feedback to ingested microphones to vintage synthesizers, resources are combined, deconstructed, developed and devastated through both linear and non-linear trajectories. Oscillating between the extreme vocalise of voxerratum, the delicate feedback mass of Recombinant, and the pianistic submersion of 44° Splinter, Coagulate offers an essential document of contemporary improvisational practice exemplifying ear-bending relationships between the acoustic and electronic." (label info) sell-out price
in stock | AUS| 2003| SYNAESTHESIA | 6.90

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