"1. breakdawn (birds in the swamp, screeching parrots passing by from time to time and singing tree in the wind on abandoned red beach). 2. Coralreef (snubfin dolphin's [orcaella heinsohni] echolocation, crackly decapods and mysterious fishsongs: wood-like-knocking and those difficult to describe ... and radioactive crackle of uranium). 3. Nocturnabyss (ultrasonic insects sliding across the time-grid meets hypnotic nocturnal chorus sprinkled by sonar of bats and barking geckos). The text and titles don't portray the sound-work. The composition doesn't portray the location of recorded sounds. However, there is some sort of mysterious and rather incidental connection between the experience of listening within the original biotop and choice of sound-textures, pace and timing within composition. This work is first installment of australOpus epic exploring soundscapes of Australia and Tasmania. CD ltd to 200 hand numbered copies. all copies come with an additional art card on 300gr matt-coated satin paper." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2014| UNFATHOMLESS | 16.90

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