"Music lovers around the world have been showing a huge interest in Ethiopian reissues from the 70s. A closer look reveals that many of the musicians on vintage Ethiopian music were really Eritrean. Today the Asmara All Stars continue to play in a style reminiscent of the golden age of the big band sound, charged with Eri-jazz, soul and roots reggae. The decades of isolation have somehow kept this music alive. The album was recorded in Asmara, Eritrea's capital city, in 2008 with a heavy, analog live band sound featuring electric krar, a full horn section, a funky organ and haunting vocals by some of the country's most famous singers. Young singer Temasgen Yared came up with the soulful "Ykre Belni," seemingly straight out of the heyday of Abyssinian soul jazz. Another highlight is Faytinga's "Amajo," which fuses Kunama rhythms with a roots reggae beat, and Mahmoud Ahmed Omer delivering the uptempo dancefloor smash "Adunia," featuring a rare sample of local hip-hop." (label info) also available on CD
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