"On "Muster" you won't find melodies, harmonies, words, a message or reference to existing musical styles, since the accent was laid upon the development of the musical particle (one may call it "atom" :) itself: rhythm and its sonic elements, being in permanent flow. At the same time this complex block of sonic information may sound "orbital" to us - a musical structure as conceived by a being not from this planet: an alien observer. While this work can be considered as a leap forward in AtomT's creation, it may resemble some of his earlier works, such as "Schnittstelle", "The Disk Orchestra", "Bund deutscher Programmierer" or "CMYK", just to name a few, while it certainly shows that those works where just a step towards a far larger picture, which AtomT has begun to paint now." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2009| RATHER INTERESTING | 17.90

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