"Wouter Jaspers and Audrey Chen are perfect examples of what Brombron is about. They met before and played a couple of concerts, both in the USA and in Europe and wished to document their work in the form of studio recordings, but their busy schedules somehow prevented that. In January 2010 they embarked in the studio of Extrapool to work on their powerful blend of voice, cello and electronics, using their own equipment as well as some of the studio's blend of analogue synthesizers. This resulted in two excellent concerts at the end of the week and now 'Roots & Branches', the twenty-second CD in the well acclaimed Brombron series. Audrey Chen is a Chinese-American cello player and vocalist who studied at the Conservatory for both instruments but radically changed in 2003 to improvised music, adding analog electronics. Wouter Jaspers is a experimental composer, sound artist and musician from Tilburg, who currently lives in Berlin. Wouter Jaspers creates dark repetitive music, psychedelic sound art combined with electro-acoustic elements and field recordings." (label info)
in stock | NL| 2012| KORM PLASTICS | 10.90

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