"The Frankfurt Trio Blank encounters classic improvisation with the sure-footed and subversive gesture of contemporary anarchism. Clarinetist and multi-instrumentalist Rüdiger Carl, FMP veteran from the very beginning, has already proven this "coolness" in various groups of his own (with Cowws, in duo with Red Krayola mastermind Mayo Thompson, with the artists Albert and Markus Oehlen). That he met the Frankfurt text, theory and stage worker Oliver Augst (electronics, voice) and Christoph Korn (electric guitar) five years ago was only logical. In the fall of 2001, they met the American art star Raymond Pettibon in Cologne's Philharmonic concert hall. And of course, everything ended up in a wild improvisation in which Pettibon played the animator and inspirer. This CD is really a full quartet recording! Pettibon did the cover work, and in addition, his notes and text fragments are printed." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2003| GROB | 14.80

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