"Bardo Pond were more than happy to do it themselves in their earliest days as a band. They recorded and self- released a handful of cassette-only albums to serve as merch table offerings as well as booking demos. Each of these cassettes offered a real-time snapshot of where Bardo Pond started sonically, each containing a primordial ooze of swampy, sludgey psych blues, demonstrating the essential DNA that has become Bardo Pond's multi-decade calling card. Over the years a few of these cassettes have surfaced as band-issued CDRs and the like. However, 1992's Shone Like A Ton has never been re-issued apart from those old, original cassette copies. This vinyl edition of this album marks the material's first wide release, first vinyl release, and first digital release." (label info) limited edition of 650 copies, with download code
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2014| 3LOBED | 18.90

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