"Beneath's PAN 12" consolidates up-to-the-minute electronics and rooted dancefloor dynamics with incisive style and pattern. All four tracks are skeletal but big-boned rollers' riddims and masterful exercises in dancefloor pressure. 'Bored 2' rent with cattle-prod Grime stabs and a show-stealing, radioactive bass roil, whereas the hunched, grimy rolige of 'Occupy' is all about his shifty, idiosyncratic syncopation. 'One Blings' cools out on buoyant subs with glass-cut electronic motifs standing miles out from his scene, and 'Stress 1' trips out with restless drums and lucid electronics tessellating dipping rhythms with skin-prickling harmonic resonance. It adds up to the freshest mutation of accelerated UK dub/SoundSystem culture, stoking an aesthetic extant since the first rumblings of Saxon Studio International and Coxsone in the late '70s/early '80s, thru the forward leanings of the contemporary UK sound in 2014, mapping the software timbres and possibilities of new technology to the timeless mantra of rudeboy dub proper, yielding maximum affect from optimised elements." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2014| PAN | 15.90

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