"Bill Laswell's drum'n'bass odyssey started in 1996 with release of the album 'Oscillations', some ambitious work based on hardstep kicks challenging rumbling basselines and indian influences. Treated in a open minded fusion-like approach, this material was, and is still, considered classic. So are the two other volumes: 'Oscillations' 2 with its more jazzy-dark-chill approach, and the 'Oscillations' remixes featuring some wild re-interpretations by artists such as Nico, Atom Heart, DJ Grazhoppa, UI... This trilogy is now available only as a double disc set, on vinyl and CD, including the entire Oscillations 1 & 2, plus a selection of the finest cuts from the remixes album, plus a new one from N-Y's Spectre. We call this 'Final Oscillations', nothing more to say, the music speaks for itself." (label info)
in stock | BE| 2003| m-/m-| QUATERMASS | 12.00

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