"Substrata: Originally released in 1997 on All Saints Records, this remastered version of Substrata contains 11 tracks with a total length of 55:20. " many considered to be the finest ambient album of the 1990s" [Motion/State 51], and "Three years after its release, BIOSPHERE's 'Substrata' is already being recognised as one of the all time greats of deep electronica." [Top Magazine]. Man with a Movie Camera: contains 9 tracks, total length 53:32. The first 7 tracks consist of the soundtrack to "Man with a Movie Camera" [Vertov, 1926, USSR], originally commissioned for the Tromso International Film Festival in 1996, released here for the first time. The last 2 tracks, Endurium and The End of the Cyclone, were originally released on the limited edition Japanese version of Substrata in 1997 - they have never before been released outside Japan." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2014| TOUCH | 18.90

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