"Birchville Cat Motel has gained international recognition as one the bright shining lights of drone-music. Kneale has to be one of the most exciting proponents of the New Zealand noise-avantgarde scene, engaging the full spectrum of electro-acoustic sound exploration over numerous releases on such labels as Ecstatic Peace, Drunken Fish, Freedom From, Last Visible Dog, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon,Insample and more... To listen to Birchville Cat Motel, one must really free their mind. It is more than just an aural experience. Being immersed in his soundscapes is like being transported to another world, like a great composer, he puts each piece in its perfect place as to leave the longest impression. To say Kneale is a drone master is kind of an understatement. Over the courses of too many releases to remember, he has constructed a sonic arsenal to match any threats that may arise. All records are 180gr vinyl, 350 copies on Black vinyl, Full colour fold out sleeve with artwork by Seldon Hunt." (label info)
in stock | BEL| 2008| m-/m-| CONSPIRACY | 10.00

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