"First ever vinyl reissue of this cult album from 1975. Défense de was the first album of Jean-Jacques Birgé and Francis Gorgé, before founding Un Drame Musical Instantane with Bernard Vitet in 1976. They had started to play together while at high school, and on their debut LP they were joined by percussionist Shiroc (who also played in Speed Limit). The album's four tracks were recorded in the family apartment of free jazz producer Sebastien Bernard, who had several nice instruments belonging to his father, like a pipe organ, an electric piano, a xylophone and a cello, a.o. The songs were taped on an 8-track recorder and also feature Antoine Duvernet from Urban Sax, who added tenor sax. Shiroc and pianist Jean-Louis Bucchi (also from Speed Limit) joined the duo some months later and the songs they feature in were recorded live in studio. Birgé and Gorgé gigged as a trio with Shiroc, sometimes with the addition of Gilles Rollet on further percussion. The resulting sounds were released on the 'June Sessions' DVD (included as a free bonus on this LP). Along with 'June Sessions' the DVD also contains 'La nuit du phoque', an experimental avant-garde movie made by Birgé and Bernard Mollerat in 1974. Défense de has become a cult LP that sells for a small fortune, especially since its interest as a landmark of early French avantgarde/experimental/synth music was noted on the famous Nurse With Wound list. Fauni Gena brings this legendary piece of musical history back to vinyl life on a top class reissue that comes complete with liner notes written by Jean-Jacques Birgé himself, plus the bonus DVD including almost six hours of extra music and videos." (label info)
in stock | ES| 2013| FAUNI GENA | 22.90

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