"This fully authorized and definitive release includes: Remastered recordings spanning 11 years, from the '67 recording to the Tracy Prison recordings of '78. 4 full-length LPs worth of Lucifer Rising material with half being never-before-heard sessions personally selected by Bobby BeauSoleil. 9 new pieces of art from Bobby: 8 record sleeve panels and one 2'x3' poster. 2 posters: one by Bobby BeauSoleil and one by Dennis Dread. A much-extended version of the 'Fallen Angel Blues' piece by Bobby that originally appeared in the Kenneth Anger DVD set. 'Hymns to the Solar Temple' - impressions on a visit to Bobby at the Oregon Correctional Facility in Pendleton, Oregon by Dennis Dread. The Saga of a Soundtrack by Michael Moynihan. Art from Dennis Dread for the back of the LP box, also to be included as a 2'x2' poster. Art from Dennis Dread for the front lid of the box which will provide a window into the works of Bobby's to be found within." (label info) third edition, on coloured vinyl
in stock | US| 2009| AJNA | 84.90

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