"Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon and XO4 and VAMPIRE BELT's Bill Nace team up for the third time (they also released a cassette and did a FEVER cover) showing no band needs a drummer to trash or mildly shake brains! basement jams after listening to basement jams, deep down in the deepest basement of the valley, 2 guitars fighting for a place on a chubby cassette recorder while the ultra no wave vocals of Kim Gordon ghostride thru a pretty packed parking lot. a throw back as well to early raw Sonic Youth days, where feedbags were the only luggage you needed for a night out! comes in a thick full colour hand stencilled cover collage by DT, printed on thick drawing paper. limited to 400 copies." (label info) warehouse find one copy back in stock
in stock | BE| 2012| ULTRA ECZEMA | 19.90

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