"Polyversional compositions were defined by Boguslaw Schaeffer already in the 1960s. They were pieces written down not as "definite aggregates" being an obligation towards an interpreter to perform the sounds composer had in his mind but rather potential aggregates encompassing variety of possible versions. After nearly half-century, a couple of notes should be added to the definition, even if they are nothing more than questions on its margins. They are not rooted in any theoretical insight but only in working on that particular album. The question is: if the score is missing, can polyversionality mean improvising the soloist part upon listening to a fixed tape? If close listening to an "original" version (based on a score) leaves a lot of doubt about the faithfulness to the score, do other more loose versions have to be mere variations? And finally: does changing a title free us from an obligation of a faithful performance or is it only a misuse and attempt to pretend that a particular performance which is nothing more but one of possible realizations of Schaeffer's compositions is a creation of a different composer? Digipack, 20 page booklet." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | PL| 2012| BOLT | 20.90

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