"A two tracker of freshness from Boxcutter, aka Barry Lynn, a questing producer who was taking stylistic chances and constantly mutating his dubstep-based music, long before anyone thought it was time to start discussing "post-dubstep". This single precedes his new album 'The Dissolve', due out in April. 'Allele' builds from echoey drums into a tight juke-influenced drum pattern with lots of tight edits, before adding a vocal that hints at old school hardcore, wavering chords and drops, before the whole thing finally resolves into a restrained but ravey breakbeat. 'Other People' simply but effectively mixes hazy, live sounding 2-step drums with a lush bitter-sweet melody reminicent of the Drexciya offshoot TheOtherPeoplePlace, which glides subtly through a background of shimmering effects and delays." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2011| PLANET MU | 8.50

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