""Debon" was originally released on Voice Records, VO-1001. Reissued 1998. On this occasion Paradigm Discs has decided to reissue 2 LP's of what can only be described as rock music, minus the drum kit. These two records are something of a mystery. No group information was ever given, and no production date or location is indicated. It would seem though, that these records are both by the same group of Japanese people and that they were recorded in the mid seventies in Japan. In common with Magical Power Mako, the musical influences here are much more Germanic than anything Japanese, with long hypnotic free form rock hysteria, comparable to Faust in the use of experimentation and heavily fuzzed electric guitar. The emotional wordless vocals echo those of Damo Suzuki from Can. But unlike Can the rhythms are wrought from hand drums, sleigh bells, tambourine, bass drum and other simple means. Hard blown harmonica is a strong feature on this somewhat crazed mantric rock along with recorder, flute, zither, mandolin, acoustic guitar and synth. There is also a strong use of tape loops, electronics, environmental sounds, backwards tapes and what sounds distinctly like the hysterical laughter of Stan Laurel." (LABEL INFO)
in stock | UK| 1998| PARADIGM DISCS | 14.90

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