"Box set from Japanese psychedelic noise legends C.C.C.C. collecting unreleased live material,including very early recordings from some of their first shows in 1990 and their 1992 us tour, along some long unvailible studio classics like the Phantasmagoria tape. Extensive liner notes by original member Fumio Kosakai (now in Incapacitants,and many others) about the band beginings and his take on the C.C.C.C. vision. An essential document in the unique C.C.C.C. sound which Kosakai describes best as "psychedelic, cosmic and erotic". produced by C.C.C.C. founder Hiroshi Hasegawa. Extensive audio restoration and mastering by James Plotkin. Comes in delux slipcase box and digipack packaging. Limited to 1000 copies." (label info)
in stock | US| 2007| NO FUN PRODUCTIONS | 42.90

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