"Exemplary work from Catherine Christer Hennix's ensemble. This disc is the beginning of a series of collaborative work between Hennix, her ensemble and Important Records. Released in conjuntction with the Sonic Acts festival in Amsterdam. "Blues dhikr Al-Salam" for voice, brass, computer and live electronics in the mixed-media environment "Nur / Soliton(e) Star". The world premiere of the infinitary computer animation Nur and the accompanying infinitary computer sound composition Soliton(e) Star were given at Diapason Gallery (NYC) for the celebration of La Monte Young's 70th birthday in 2005. Catherine Christer Hennix has now extended this installation in the venerable tradition of the pentatonic blues for a live-electronic ensemble. Recorded live on Sunday 14 August 2011 at the Grimm Museum, Berlin. Catherine Christer Hennix, voice, computer, sine waves, live electronics. Amelia Cuni, voice. Robin Hayward, microtonal tuba. Hilary Jeffery, trombone. Michael Northam, time-mirage delay, sound engineer." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2012| IMPORTANT RECORDS | 18.90

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