"When the French composer Charles Koechlin (1867-1950) reaches his 77th year, he decides to write only monodies: independent melodies without accompaniment. His thoughts turn to Nectaire, the flute-playing gardener in Anatole France's novel La révolte des Anges, who entertains his guests during a summer night. Charles Koechlin wrote the music for these imaginary melodies. The result is Les Chants de Nectaire, Opus 198, 199 and 200 for solo flute. Koechlin was not only a composer, but also a classical scholar, philosopher, architect, photographer, and above all an astronomer. The melodies in his Chants de Nectaire are timeless; now reminiscent of Georgian chant, then of Satie, Debussy, Bach or Messiaen. Although written for a single flute, Les Chants de Nectaire is an all-encompassing composition and a landmark in the musical world." (label info)
in stock | NL| 2005| BASTA | 49.90

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