"Chris Abrahams is best known for his work as pianist with the trio The Necks. The Necks have toured extensively and have released eleven albums in their fifteen-year career. Outside of the Necks, Chris has released four solo piano albums - "Walk", "Piano", "Glow", "Streaming" and now his debut on ROOM40 "Thrown". He has also released five albums with Melanie Oxley as well as albums with Stevie Wishart, The Hunting Party, and Artery and the Benders. All up he has produced or co-produced some 24 albums. He has also worked extensively in soundtrack composition for both feature films and documentaries. In 1998, with the Necks, he composed the soundtrack to the feature film "The Boys" and soon after the ABC three part series "In The Mind of The Architect". With Lloyd Swanton he co-wrote the soundtrack to the ABC six part series "A Case For The Coroner". His solo credits include composing the soundtrack for the ABC three part series "Bad Behaviour" and the SBS short feature "Lenny Cahill Shoots Through"." (label info)
in stock | AU| 2005| ROOM40 | 13.90

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