"It's this musical whisper that is amplified on Oceanic Feeling-Like, as Italian based musician Mike Cooper and Australia's Chris Abrahams unite for the first time to create what could be described as a picturesque horizon of melodic ocean swell. Stretching out wide, Oceanic Feeling-Like is generously coloured by Cooper's unique approaches to the guitar and Abrahams' distinctive piano motions. Both bring a wealth of technique and improvised flare, creating a series of island-like compositions that eventually form an unusually divergent sound archipelago. Recorded in Sydney at Abrahams' home studio, each of the pieces explores a unique sound space - that's both reflective and reflexive. Truly a release that ebbs and flows in the best way imaginable. An ocean of sound awaits - sometimes calm and flowing, occasionally chopping and unexpected, but always experiential." (label info)
in stock | AUS| 2008| ROOM40 | 13.90

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