"The 2CD Box/Book AKTIONEN/ACTIONS consists of samples of fieldrecordings of Christian Jendreiko's actions that have been performed at Wesleyan University (2007), Kunstverein Düsseldorf (2007) and Kunstverein Nürnberg/Albrecht Dürer Gesellschaft (2009) as well as a 74page booklet with an extended artist text and a photographic essay on the art of Jendreiko's actions." (label info) "Observing myself playing the guitar from a sculptural perspective brought me to the idea to concentrate on shaping the motoric aspects of my playing-motions instead of playing a piece of music. When you take your instrument and start to play you bring your body into the action. You can listen to your body, to your motions and you can listen to the way you move." (C. Jendreiko)
in stock | DE| 2011| APPARENT EXTENT | 16.90

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