"Much anticipated release of early material (including unissued stuff) from the NYC master of high-art/lo-destruction vinyl manipulation. Features tracks from 1981 through 1989: early cassette-only material, obscure comp tracks, etc., packaged with detailed annotation from Marclay and liner notes from Thurston Moore. "One Thousand Cycles" is from one of Marclays's infamous recycled records -- cut up and reconfigured vinyl. "Second Coming" & "His Master's Voice" are relatable to hip hop dj-ing, but with Marclay's distinct cut-up aura; "Groove" is a massive looped drone track. The whole thing reeks of historic significance, yet still sounds vital in a contemporary sense as well." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 1997| ATAVISTIC | 16.90

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