"being from north carolina, we at three lobed have long known of chuck johnson. whether it was watching him lead a twelve piece guitar ensemble through one of his compositions at the old transmissions festival, rock in spatula or shark quest, or provide otherworldly transportation in the acoustic trio idyll swords, his skill and way with musical phrasing led us to have him be one of the first folks we ever worked with. it has been with great interest that we have observed his dedicated focus on the acoustic guitar over the past several years. chuck's compositional voice and performance style represent those of a mature player, with a focus on what music should do for the listener rather than showing off what he can do as a player. his 2011 album a struggle, not a thought (strange attractors audio house) was one of our favorites from that year. the deeper we went with that album, the more we knew we wanted to be part of his ride. we could not be more thrilled to help bring you crows in the basilica." (label info) edition of 768 hand-numbered copies, multi-color silkscreened jacket. comes with download coupon
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2013| 3LOBED | 20.90

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