"Reissue of the now virtually out of print Arkades LP, which was also originally released on Fourth Dimension in Spring 2006, plus an extra disc comprising a live concert recording featuring three lengthy tracks, 'Maltan Haukka,' 'Ibizan Rambo' and 'Fuutikeri.' Following around ten years since their previous (and only) release for Fourth Dimension (the now o/p Ghatarian 7"), this apocalyptic Finnish avant-metal/improv/folk/neu-prog group return with a special live radio session originally recorded for WFMU during their October 2005 U.S. tour. Possibly one of their best, most blissed-out records yet. Featuring two long workouts and wrapped in a Spaghetti Western sleeve. Perfect. And not a Kiss or Judas Priest homage in sight!" (label info)
in stock | UK| 2007| FOURTH DIMENSION | 13.90

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