"Gordon Ashworth is Concern and this is his manifesto. "Truth & Distance" is a mini-epic, a minor masterpiece. Within these sonic walls lies a stunning landscape, adrift in golden tones and silver siren songs. Ashworth creates beautiful, shimmering music that defies categorization. Using only acoustic instrumentation, Ashworth conceives pieces of music in which resonance and timbre mutate and in the air and unfold naturally, organically. Hints of piano glisten like night shadows whispering through the leaves. Strings are bowed and plucked into oblivion. Daunting as the seemingly endless layers of droning tones may be, its the all-enveloping nature of this music that makes it so engaging. Like hearing Basinski destroy and rework Peter Broderick's deepest compositions, "Truth & Distance" feels familiar while sounding new. New vinyl edition features extended cuts of all three pieces from the original CD, adding 10 minutes of new music that pushes the album to another level." (label info)
in stock | US| 2010| DIGITALIS | 15.90

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