"Dan Melchior's first release of 2013 (I say that with optimism) is bound to confound 's much as impress. Haters gwan hate ad infinitum, but even still. The din of annoyance at Dan's output by many-a critic is really just the pinched wheezing of prudes, straightenin' their periwigs in a last ditch to cover up nervous bald spots. And don't you go joining 'em; ask me, the good times are just gettin' underway. In the hazy afterburn of The Backward Path, wherein we glimpsed Dan at his most lyrically candid, comes C.C.D.E, where words are half-smothered in the molting earth and linearity is just some other jaunt. Best I can tell, it's a backyard wedding of Assemblage Blues and Excerpts & Halfspeeds, with Lard Free and Yuzo Iwata on the bride's flank. As you might imagine, the voyage into the sunset of these two involves a roaring mutant chassis and plenty of muddy vistas off the backroads of songform." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2013| LITTLE BIG CHIEF RECORDS | 20.90

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