"Music for the rain forests of the moon, straight out of Oakland CA. Of Palsms is the debut album by Date Palms, the duo of Marielle Jackobsons and Gregg Kowalsky. The two have birthed a suite of slowed- down music of the spheres, with a canopy of glowing fog and a heavy narcotic bass pulse that keeps the whole thing rooted straight into the earth. It's a heady mix of alap paced violin phrases, jewel toned keys, harp swells, distorted tapes and ever present bass waves all crafted with precision detail in a humid space that leaves a dreamy imprint in the mind long after waking. Although separately Jackobsons and Kowalsky have made inroads into these types of landscapes before (Gregg with his Tape Chants series & Marielle with MYRMYR & Darwinsbitch), nothing really compares the world of Of Psalms that the two created together with its perfect balance of micro & macro, inner & outer, cosmic & earth bound, casting some sort of old world magic on everyone within range." (label info) Edition of 500 copies.
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2010| ROOT STRATA | 16.90

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