"insect is a work by Dave Phillips that consists of untreated field recordings made in Thailand in 2001. It was first presented live on the 6th of December 2002 at Egocity in Zürich. the accompanying text evokes questions of what might happen to humanity if insects were to perish. Insect was originally issued as a cdr in an edition of 50 copies in 2003, and later rereleased by dp on demand. By the time i heard this work, almost 3 years after its release, i was astounded by its sound. A work that starts as if walking into a forest, hearing insects and other life-forms, whose sound slowly but steadily increase, as if massive swarms of creatures gather and join in this walk, until a solid wall of insectan, amphibian and weather-related sounds stand tall like a force of nature, a force that captures and mesmerizes!" (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2010| CORPSES UNDERNEATH THE BE | 12.90

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