"'A step into the void' is how David Grubbs describes An Optimist Notes The Dusk, his first solo album since 2004's A Guess At The Riddle. Much the same way that each of Gastr del Sol's albums sought to avoid precedent and to model a world in which nothing should be taken for granted, An Optimist Notes The Dusk steps into the void. Nothing necessitates -- it's all built from the ground up, and at each step of the way it could have been built differently. David Grubbs' previous solo albums have tended to divide cleanly between pop records and more experimental, instrumental records that investigate solo performance, drones, and hypnotic repetition. Grubbs' pop records stand in a series of increasing refinement. Here, the cards have been shuffled. An Optimist Notes The Dusk presents five longish songs and one eleven-minute instrumental floor rumbler, and the album can't be said to fall into either of the previously staked camps." (label info)
in stock | US| 2008| DRAG CITY | 12.90

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