"This is dance music for wild booty bouncing good times. Never four on the floor these friendly down home rhythms inspire the rough and tumble generation with rugged tracks in a fluid, seamless mix. Some of the sounds clearly come from Olive's classic debut full length "Bodega" though generally this is all new material discovered live while freely mixing his unique bag of sound tools in reaction to the crowd. Hip hop instrumental breaks blend with dance hall. Rinsed out accelerated dub and one love baselines roll out as Olive moves the vibe and pushes the floor. Olive's skillz as an improviser honed through years on the road are unleashed on the dance floor. These tunes are not for the feeble hearted or lazy footed. They blast the cobwebs from the tired assumptions about how our bodies move to a beat. This is where folks whoop and holler and bounce off the walls, and horny couples grind their hips together in euphoric funky glee. DJ Olive is known for many sounds. A founding member of WeT, one of the state's most influential electronic acts to emerge from the U.S. scene in the nineties. He has improvised with literally thousands of world class musicians from Luc Ferrari to Kim Gordon, from Ikue Mori to Jah Wobble, from Jim O'Rourke to Uri Caine, from Alan Vega to John Zorn. From Medeski Martin and Wood to Christian Fennez." (label info)
in stock | US| 2006| AGRICULTURE | 14.80

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