"Troy Geary makes pointed, mental techno harkening back to his Midwest Acid upbringing, but hinting at a newer breakbeat sound, deadly on the dancefloor. A master at the form, often spun by Richie Hawtin and Jeff Mills, his third LP is his most sonically charged and cohesive to date. Geary has released dozens of underground techno singles on a multitude of dance labels. From his early acid techno in Drop Bass to his downtempo breaks as "Stoner Shit" to his early minimal techno dubbiness on Missle Records and on to his tech-house work for Musicman and Kanzlerampt he has maintained a distinct sound; organic, yet machine-like with a hypnotic dubbiness. This distinct sound is best exemplified on such dance-ready tracks as "Rareified Slide" and "Nuclear Family" where electro bounces alongside a wall of subtle dub effects. On cuts such as "Last Gasp at Reality" and "Outsider Sweeet Outlander" Troy slips into a more breakbeat bounce, showcasing his sequencing skills with a barrage of rough jackin' breaks. Downtempo tracks open and close the CD with "Conception of Cool" and "Technical Remote Viewer" connecting techno's acid grit to a sound often more akin to 23 Skidoo... Following his recent success with the "Everytime It Takes Awhile" single on SubStatic, "She's a Time Traveller" is sure to leave an impact both for the dancefloor, as well as Broklyn's weirdo home listeners! Currently residing in Portland, OR (note the Strategy collaboration) DJ Slip has continued to hone a very unique sound, broadening his vision with every release. The CD also features stunning design by up-and-coming designer Jon Santos and bonus tracks from Troy Geary's previous Broklyn Beats' EP "Technical Remote Viewer." (label info)
in stock | USA| 2006| BROKLYN BEATS | 14.90

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