"In January and February of this year L.R.J. Martens spent his days in Big Island, Hawaii to focus on the communication of Dolphins. For this lp his encounter with a group of spinner dolphins and humphback whales was translated to audio postcards. In three epic new age compositions Martens seeks the ultimate sound for the "Cetacean Nation", of which he is one of the official composers. Traces of esoteric seventies fusion and the 3D universes of Jean-Luc Bozzoli are gently transformed to artistic sound relaxation and aquatic poetry. L.R.J. Martens is one of the key figures in the Belgian DIY avant-garde scene. With labels such as Imvated, Bread and Animals and Taped Sounds he gave new energy to the cassette underground in Belgium. With a background in various noise sensations and neo-dadaistic sound play, he now found his ying and yang in Dolphins Into The Future." (label info) With insert.
in stock | BEL| 2010| K-RAA-K | 14.90

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